Year of the Snake – The Python Variety

Happy Lunar New Year! I’m looking forward this year to exploring a bit more around the world of Python. Reading the excellent book Programming Collective Intelligence┬áhas inspired me to explore the language a bit more.


IPython has become on of my indispensable tools when working in Python. I’ve been enjoying using it’s shell for regular development, and also in the browser using the Notebook feature – A web-based user interface for authoring Python code. It’s great at displaying images and other artifacts right in the web browser.


I’ve started a bit of my own Python development. I switched my remote server provisioning and deployment procedures to fabric.

I’ve also put together a quick project to play around with creating, building and sharing a PyPI hosted package. My first such project is a library and command line tool for interfacing with the RESTful API of the cloud hosting provider DIgitalOcean.



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