YakAlike Updated :)

This weekend, YakAlike – the Jabber version was launched. Functionally and visually, not much had changed. The other part of the update is out. Have fun testing the Jabber Internet Explorer support. As always, provide feedback :)

Use any Jabber IM client

Any IM client that supports Jabber can be used to chat on YakAlike. You can join website chatrooms and talk directly one on one with other YakAlike users. I’ve posted instructions on configuring Adium – my favorite IM client. Configuring any of the others should be very similar, here’s a list of some that should work:

  • Spark – Windows / Linux / OS X
  • Gaim – Windows / Linux / OS X
  • iChat – OS X

Internet Explorer Support

Internet Explorer users can now join in on the chatting. I’ve added a bookmarklet link on yakalike.com that can be used in Internet Explorer to pop up a window containing the YakAlike chat for the website being visited. Test it out and let me know how things go.

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