What a Month

So I pushed out Yakalike on the first day of this year. Things weren’t quite all that ready, but I figured that 5 years of talking about this chat thing was enough and it should finally be released.

The digg.com posting generated way more traffic that I could imagine, rendering the server barely usable within a few hours, but not before about 1500 users got to sign up. It was a blast to be dugg – a new experience for me. Things are quite stable now, much more traffic can be handled as a result of a hardware upgrade and several revisions of the yakalike software.

So, thanks to everyone who has used Yakalike and for all of your great feedback. I’ve taken in a lot of bug submissions and features requests. A lot of things have been addressed, but there is much more in store for Yakalike, so stay tuned.

Upcoming Features

  • Ignore – almost ready to be released
  • Sticky Channels – many users have complained about the constant reloading of the chat window when switching tabs, this will be resolved in an upcoming release
  • Yakmasters – the title might change – Giving some control to webmasters. Recognizing users who are webmasters for a certain domain. Probably with a robots.txt like file in the root of the domain – need suggestions, please add comments to the blog if you have something to contribute
  • Scheduled meetings
    • Ability to schedule times for users to congregate at a channel.
    • Javascript to paste into a site to notify users of upcoming scheduled events
    • Post comments to this blog if you have suggestions.
  • More… – Post suggestions if you’ve got ‘em.

10 thoughts on “What a Month

  1. Adam W

    peekko.com has some good potential, but I believe that being IRC backed has some good initial benefits but limitations in the long run. We’ll see how things work out. There’s always the possibility of changing.

  2. Kamil

    Hi, AdamI have blogged the web site owners opinion.Web site owners have the right to register their cahannels.According to me web site owners may have admin privillages abaut their web site channels.(ex: kick, silence the user etc..)There may be a registration for their web site channels.I mean one admin operator, and sub operators or help operators.May be there will be some other channels under their main channel for example #help channel, for selling items web sites #Sale channel.By this way web site owners can interreact with their customers.If they can sell their products person to person with your program, this would be very usefull for the owner of the site.

  3. Adam W

    Most of what you suggest is being considered.One of the first things out of that list is the ability for website administrators to register as the “webmaster” of the channel. This way users of yakalike know who to ask questions.The other thing that I want to implement is custom channels, something that I’ve given less thought, but if traffic picks up considerably, it will become a necessity.

  4. Tiggerhttp://www.tigger.jino-net.ru/

    Hello, Adam!I’ve just thought, that it would be nice to give site visitors to see, that they can meet other “yaks” here using such little banner. Can you bless it? Greetings from Moscow!

  5. ZeTHahttp://forocristiano.izetha.com

    this a great addin for firefox…. please localize it…. I can help with the spanish translation, just write me…. thanks for your work.izetha[at]gmail[dot]com

  6. Anonymous

    Can you create an auto-logon function for a web site that would spawn Yakalike when going to that URL?We have been using Yakalike at kickenhardware.net and would like some automated feature that would automatically log users onto it when browsing the forums.

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