Reggy – OS X Regular Expression Tool


I’ve been searching for a simple regular expression matching tool for quite a while. But, I never thought of searching the Apple software directory. Until now….

Reggy has helped me out a few times already, and many more times to come, I’m sure. Now, gotta learn some Objective-C to try to add a feature or two. First one that comes to mind… Show each multiple match individually… Should be pretty easy, right?

2 thoughts on “Reggy – OS X Regular Expression Tool

  1. Gabriel Mansour

    Actually, you don’t need to learn any Objective-C at all (unless of course, you really want to)—you can write a write a Cocoa app in pure ruby (something I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time now)!You can also use Textmate‘s “Test RegExp in First Line” / “Test RegExp in Clipboard” commands (part of the Regular Expressions bundle) if you don’t like switching between apps, but I’ll admit, Reggy sure is a lot prettier!

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