New Features for YakAlike

Added a page on Yakalike for posting new features. This will be the dumping ground / announcement page for all new features.

Todays addition was a very much requested feature. The ability to stay on one channel while surfing to other sites. This is mostly useful when browsing links from such sites as You are able to visit all of the interesting links listed on the site, but still continue chatting with others in the channel.

10 thoughts on “New Features for YakAlike

  1. teófilo

    just one suggestion. It would be useful a kind of embed code that signs on the website whether or not one of the Website owners is online or not. Think about it.

  2. Pedro

    this is probably the best invention since the weel (or not)definetly a GREAT plugin for firefox.(will it spread to other browsers? like maxthon or opera?)just so u know, you’re work got major publicity here in Portugal after a comment by national comediant anf major geek Nuno Markl.I own a forum and told everyone to use you’re progam (no need to instal chat now, thanks to u)Keep it up!

  3. Adam W

    Thanks pedro!Yes, I have plans to spread it to other browsers… I’ve never used maxthon, so don’t know about that… But it looks like any plugin for IE should work with it?I’ve noticed all the traffic from Portugal.. Great to see you! Thanks for using Yakalike !

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