Goodbye Cable and Satellite TV. Hello OTA!

I got the Digiwave 8-Bay Multidirectional HDTV Antenna from Durham Radio a couple of months ago. I was pretty happy with getting about 15 channels having the antenna in my attic. Luckily, the weather has gotten quite nicer and today I got a chance to mount it on the roof.

Now I get a whopping 35 channels. Most of them in beautiful uncompressed HD! I’ve got great reception on CBC, CTV, Global TV, CityTV, OMNI 1&2, ABC, Fox, and a bunch of other channels.

I mounted it on a J-Pole that has been on my roof since we bought the house.


The bi-directional nature of this antenna really seems to help. From my location in Oshawa, Ontario I’ve got one set of 4 elements pointing towards the CN Tower and the other 4 elements pointing somwhere in between the transmitters on Grand Island and Rochester.

Winning, Duh!

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