Monthly Archives: May 2011

A code walkthrough of my Green Parking Android App


If you’re interested in Android development, I encourage you to come out to this months meetup of The Toronto Android Users Group. I’ll be presenting some of the code that I’ve put together for the Green Parking Android App in the Android Marketplace. I’ll also be going through the steps necessary to check out the source of the app and contribute back if you like.

Check out the event here.

Here’s a few points I’ll try to cover:

  • Using Google maps in Android Applications
  • Using JSON data in Android App
  • Fetching and updating data in a background Service
  • Using github as a source code repository to share ideas and code
  • Cloning and forking the Green-Parking-Toronto source tree



Expose your private port on a public server, tunneled over SSH

Paul shares a great solution for exposing your local port on a public server using pow and nginx.
I took his idea and added support for specifying identity keys and dropped the need to configure up
pow and nginx. You do need socat installed on the remote machine
doing the port forwarding for my solution.

This works well for me when I need to expose an app running on my local development machine to
the world. Especially helpful when working on Facebook Apps or other services that need to trick to talk
to your localhost.

Install Thor Module:

thor install

The tunnel.yml file:

  username: user
  public_port: 8088
  local_port: 8088
  identity_file: ~/.ec2/path_to_ssh_key<

Start the tunnel (execute in the same directory as the tunnel.yml file):

thor tunnel:start

Back to San Francisco for Google I/O. Day 1&2

It’s great to be back in San Francisco. It’s so great, I’m almost accepting of the weather not being as nice here as it is back at home in Oshawa. It’s been quite cold and windy here.

I’ve taken a whole week to take in San Francisco this time. I’ve been doing a LOT of walking around and loitering at Starbucks until the Google I/O conference starts.

I’ve explored a good deal of the Downtown, the shore and Golden Gate Park. Today is a day to relax and recouparate from all the walking. Maybe I’ll take a little stroll around the Moscone Center to check out the Google I/O preparations.