Monthly Archives: January 2011

Standing workstation


So I finally set up a standing workstation for myself.

After a week of using it I can claim that I love it. I feel great about myself for not slouching over a desk all day long. I feel like it's easier for me to focus. Surprisingly, I haven't been sore or tired after a whole day of standing. I hear it's healthier too :)

Scratching my Green P Parking Itch

I love using Green P Parking when I’m in Toronto. The pricing is reasonable compared to some other private lots, and I always know what to expect.

What I don’t love, is having to go to the Green P site after I’ve already found directions to my destination on Google Maps.

So, I’ve crated a scraper at and a site on Google App Engine to serve up properly Content-Type’d KML to easily paste into Google Maps right over the directions that I’ve already searched for. The KML source is even usable in Bing maps :).

Check it out: